Thomas Kleine

Hello, my name is Thomas – I'm an outdoor photographer and management consultant based in Aumühle near Hamburg, Germany and Aplared near Borås, Sweden.

My interest in photography started at the age of fifteen when I was trying to capture portraits of my girlfriend and images of comets, the milky way, nebulae and galaxies.

I proceeded to study astrophysics and became a scientist. The tools got bigger as I worked with the largest telescopes on earth paired with the first scientific digital CCD cameras.

This is also when I got more involved with photography. Taking photos nearby the astronomical observatories and on holidays in Scandinavia. About 30 years ago I switched from science to management consultancy and workload forced me to put serious photography on hold for the subsequent 20 years.

10 years ago, I finally aimed for a more sustainable work-life balance.

Today, I am most grateful to be able to do both, management consultancy exclusively with clients that I like to work with and as a photographer specialized in outdoor and landscape photography.

I am currently working on a book project focussing on the beauty of Northern Norway. The goal is to present the landscapes north of the arctic cycle during different seasons, lights and weather conditions supplemented by travel tips to hopefully inspire people to discover this magnificent piece of land.

What makes photography so special for me is being able to explore, dream and discover this beautiful planet while searching for the best perspectives and waiting for the right light.

Best regards